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24/7 Fast Response Monitoring by Trained Professionals

Play it safe with Home Security in Brockton. Six interconnected monitoring centers are operated by ADT's professional safety-trained dispatchers. To guarantee fast response to your home emergency, local authorities are in contact with your local police and fire departments. This complete network functions 24/7/365, including holidays. If you have a home security system installed in your home by ADT, chances are response times will be quicker than calling 911. Household safety is easier when you have Home Security in Worcester.

Low Monthly Monitoring Fees

Home owners enjoy safety from Home Security in Springfield. ADT has more than 130 years experience in home security and a package suitable for the needs of your home and family. You can get the basic monitoring package from Home Security Southfield for $36.99 a month, or a dollar a day. You can purchase the most popular package, which includes the 2-way voice feature, for an additional $5 per month. Your family watch dog is more expensive costing you between $40 and $50 monthly! Unbeatable prices on all packages are now being offered by ADT, so contact us today for more information about ADT. Find out about Home Security in Syracuse.

FREE $850 Home Security System

By signing a three-year contract, you can receive a home security company worth $850 from ADT free. This may be one more reason to purchase from ADT, as the average person ends up staying with the same home security company for eight years! ADT installers will install your home security system free for a one-time fee of $99. You can feel safer with Home Security in Providence.

Easy-to-Use Security System

Help protect your household now with Home Security in Redford! ADT provides simple, user-friendly home security systems. A keychain remote is included with each of ADT's packages giving you the capability to disarm or arm your system with ease. If you wish to have your system professionally installed, local ADT certified installers are available at your convenience. In addition, you have easy access to everything you need in the system's control panel. Do you know how Home Security in Ann Arbor can help you?

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ADT Home Security Southfield Packages

  Two-way Voice Package Basic Package with Keyfob Cell Primary Package
*or approved digital service.
**phone line not required.
Door / Window Sensors 3 3 3
Motion Sensor 1 1 1
Keyfob 1 1 1
Two-Way Voice Yes No No
Landline Required* Yes Yes No
Built-in Cell Device** No No Yes
Setup Fee $99 $99 $199
Monthly Rates $40.00 $36.99 $44.99

ADT's Two-Way Voice

The two-way voice system is great for helping to keep disabled or elderly individuals who may be living in your home safe from emergencies. With the two-way voice system you:

  • Receive state-of-the-art technology
  • Communicate with a live ADT dispatcher directly
  • Get hands-free control
  • Receive a 75-foot range away from your control panel
  • Only need to use your normal talking voice

Let Home Security in Detroit help protect your household today. An ADT dispatcher, using the system's intercom, 7 times more sensitive than a baby monitor, can hear sounds of an intruder if a break in occurs. Such verification may lead to faster response times. After all, according to the National Safety Council, 75% of disabling injuries, and over half of deaths from injury, happen at home.

With clarity up to 75 feet, the control panel acts as an intercom allowing you to speak with an ADT dispatcher, even if you're injured or unable to move. Do not wait, contact us today!

ADT Benefits

ADT's 3 guarantees, fast response monitoring, and everything that makes ADT the #1 home security provider in the America are a few of the ADT benefits you will receive from Home Security Southfield. Get local support in Southfield Michigan.

Save Money with ADT's 3 Guarantees

  1. May save up to 20% on homeowners insurance
  2. Six-month money back guarantee
  3. May receive up to $500 on your insurance deductible in the rare event of a break-in

General Home Security Tips

  • Don't Leave Notes on the Door
    Leaving notes on the door for service providers or members of your family may tell potential intruders you're not home.
  • Store Valuables in a Safe or Safety Deposit Box
    Store jewelry, cash, and other valuables in a safe or safety deposit box instead of leaving them strewn around your house.
  • Keep Sidewalk or Walkway Clear of Snow
    In the winter, ask a neighbor to shovel snow off your sidewalk or walkway while you are away. During the summer, hire someone to mow your grass when you go away on vacation.
  • Don't Leave a Recorded Message
    Don't leave a recorded message on your home phone that you are out of town. You should simply state in the message on your office phone that you're out of the office.
  • Get Someone to Watch Your House when on Vacation
    Ask a neighbor to watch your house while you're gone. On the other hand, hire a house sitter who can earn some extra money while looking after things.

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